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New! International Valve Industry magazine, 06|81|2012

New NPAA members 


TD Marshal is the official distributor of Lugansk factory of pipeline valves Marshal (LZTA Marshal) in Russia. LZTA Marshal is one of the largest manufacturers of pipeline valves in Eastern Europe and Asia. Marshal production is used in heating systems, water supply systems, gas distribution, oil and gas exploitation, refining and storage, and in other industries.

Russian Scientific & Industrial Valve Manufacturers Association (NPAA) activities

Valve terminology courses
NPAA in conjunction with TechInput Company organized valve terminology courses for its members on 18 September 2012 in Moscow with the purpose to unify valve vocabulary among companies-members and to teach young professionals the correct valve terms. The courses are going to be held the next year also.

Conference in Italy
NPAA and TREVISAN MACHINE UTENSILI S.P.A. have organized the business trip to Italy for the companies-members at the end of September 2012. The delegates participated in the scientific and technical conference where such companies as TREVISAN MACHINE UTENSILI S.P.A., Valve World, Spada Transfer, Saporiti Machines, DAFRAM, Italcontrol have made the presentation about their companies. Within the program of the trip the visits to the TREVISAN, C.P.F., Calpeda, Mecolpress, OMB Valves, and Think PC Progetti were organized.

The meeting with ASTM Vice-President
The meeting with Mr. John Pace took place in the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in October and was dedicated to the relevant questions from the users of ASTM standards. NPAA Executive Director and ASTM Vice-President in the course of negotiations reached agreements that ASTM will provide informational support to NPAA in development of normative document on materials used in valves industry so to harmonize it with ASTM requirements. 


Exhibition PCVEXPO 2012

The largest exhibition for pumps, valves and compressors in Russia was held on 22-25 October 2012 in Moscow.
This year 342 companies from 26 countries participated in the exhibitions with their production: industrial pumps and systems, compressors, pneumatics, pipeline valves, actuators, drives and seals.
During the days of the exhibition it was visited by 5693 experts from 63 regions of Russia and 34 foreign countries.
The co-organizers of the exhibition NPAA and Russian Pump Manufacturers Association (RAPN) arranged the scientific conference Innovations in Pumps and Valves Production - ECOPUMP 2012 INNOVALVE. The conference program contained 16 reviews and presentations. The number of participants 50 experts.
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A.V. Kuznetsov
Implementation of modernization project of foundry. Problems and suggestions.

Armalit-1 Company, the largest producer of marine valves in Russia, offers valve manufacturers to set up a joint casting production of workpieces of basic parts on the basis of operating Armalit-1 foundry.

The General Director of Armalit-1 specifies the economic arguments in favour of this project in the article. He mentions the currently available output of foundry and says about the modernization that should be carried out in order to achieve the target volume of casting: 8000 tons per year with the competitive quality level.

Project cost about 500 million rubles, payback - 5 years.

The original of the article is the report presented at the conference INNOVALVE, which was held on October 23, 2012 within the bounds of PCVEXPO...   more>>>


M. Listopadov, D. Bezrukov, I.T. Ter-Mateosyants
The forty-first gate valve. Part 3

The third final part of the article, devoted to the comparative analysis of steel gate valves for steam/water DN 50 of nine Russian manufacturers, contains the information on accompanying documents that are provided by manufacturers together with the valves.The results of the research are given.   more>>>


A. Lapkis
Protection of gate valves against emergency pressure boost at nuclear power plants (NPP)

There is a risk of accidental pressure boost inside the internal chamber of gate valves, operating at high temperature. The article analyses the existing methods of protection, including such a simple and easy to produce means of solving the problem as the installation of discs with holes (ports). Authors research and calculations revealed the conditions of the applicability of this method and explained its use in particular cases of safety system regarding reactors VVER-1000/1200 at the nuclear power plants (NPP). Using the results of the research technical requirements and design documentation for supplied gate valves were updated.


A.V. Artemov
Design and manufacture of globe valve units from technical ceramics

The author of the article represents the company NEVZ-Ceramics, which is the manufacturer of various details and units from nanopatterned ceramics. The company was founded in 2011, ROSNANO being its co-founder. NEVZ-Ceramics also developed the production of valves parts from technical ceramics among other products. The article covers the advantages of ceramic units and presents the proposal for cooperation with Russian valve manufacturers.


Professor A.A. Dubov

Nowadays there is a problem of identification of casting defects on valves bodies by non-destructive testing methods. The well-known Russian scientist, the head of Energodiagnostika Company, prepared the article for the Valve Industry magazine that presents the experience of complex control of casting defects in high-pressure valve bodies using the method of metal magnetic memory in combination with ultrasound. The valves are installed at compressor stations and gas production units of Gazprom. The recommendations on complex control of casting defects application both at valve manufacturing plants and during operating process are given....   more>>>



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